We are an investment advisor that is pioneering alternative credit strategies in the emerging market of blockchain-based assets.

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About SALT Blockchain Asset Management

We are an investment advisor with a specialized expertise in alternative fixed income and blockchain related investment strategies. Our credit strategies offer current income by investing in a pool of short-duration loans that are collateralized with blockchain-based assets. The firm manages capital with an approach that is rooted in fundamental risk and investment analysis. We focus on income-producing loans that offer indirect exposure to blockchain based assets via secured credit instruments. Our investment premise is based on a unique investment opportunity has been created by the existing demand by the holders of blockchain instruments who want to borrow against those assets.

SALT Blockchain Financial Technology

The parent company, SALT Blockchain Financial Technology, was founded in 2016 and is headquartered in Denver, Colorado. The company, with more than 60 professionals, is a pioneer in the emerging sector of FinTech (financial technology). Soon after incorporating the company officially launched a proprietary technology that operates a first of its kind lending marketplace for blockchain-based assets. Its services offer membership-based lending and borrowing that allow financial margin institutions to get indirectly involved with this new asset class and allow consumers to leverage their blockchain-backed assets to secure cash loans – linking cryptocurrency with traditional lending models for the first time. To learn more about the offering please visit www.SALTfintech.com.